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by Didi Iman on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Repair in Staffor VA

My garage door wasn't opening today so i called Legman Doors & Co., they came out same day with an estimate, after i called around to check the price from other companies around and i realized they had given me a good price. So i called back and they came out to get if fixed. I didn't have any bad taste with this service, will recommend.

Thanks Didi, it was a pleasure doing work for you...

by Lisa Thoreaux on Legman Doors & Co.
Broken Spring Replacement in Stafford VA

My garage door spring was broken and i called Legman Doors to check it out. I was glad they didn't charge me anything to come out. I saw the reviews and wanted to give them a shot. The technicians were nice and very respectful, they explained the problem with the door and offered different solutions to getting it repaired. I chose the cheapest option and the door was repaired properly. Very happy i chose them.

Thanks for the review, Lisa.

by Michael Chrysler on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Parts Replacement

My garage door is old and it started sagging in the middle. This went on for a few months and finally it started to break some of the hinges. I called a few companys that recommended i replace the door but i didn't have the money to do it. Legman guys came out and suggested to put two struts on the door and replace a few of the hinges. They promised it was going to work and they gave me warranty as well. Now i have a good working garage door that will at least last for a few more years before i replace it.

Thanks Michael.

by Dwayne Cecil on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Opener Installation

Legman Door & Co installed a new garage door opener in my home. I've had my opener for about 15 years and it stopped worked. They came out and replaced the motor with a liftmaster garage door opener, gave me warranty on the opener and labor. Very excited about it..

Thanks again for the review

by Dorinda Moore on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Service

My garage door has been squeaking and making loud noises for quite sometime now, i was almost getting used to the noise but decided to see what it would cost to remove the noise so it doesn't get worse. I called Legman Doors and they came out to give me an estimate, it was quite reasonable. They recommended i do a tune up on the door and that's what i went for. Now my door sounds great with no issues. Will use them again if need be.

Thanks for your business Dorinda.

by Ashoke Megafu on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Installation Stafford VA

I had two old garage doors that have been giving me a lot of issues, i found Legman Doors online, checked out their reviews and called the office number. The customer service was great, they set up a time for estimate and they kept to their time. When the technician came out, he looked at the doors, helped me pick out a new door that fit my budget from one of their catalogs and right there i placed my order. Everything went great, they installed the door in next two days and i love my garage door.

Thank you Ashoke & Meta

by David McClain on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Doors Stafford VA

Excellent garage door Service here in Stafford. They were fast, cordial and i got a good web discount for repairing my offtrack garage door. Will recommend

Thanks for the review & nice words you said about us...

by Nelson Okaro on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Doors Repair

I have three garage doors that i haven't serviced for years, lately they started having some issues when opening and closing. I called Legman Doors and the technicians came out to check all doors and gave me a free estimate. I called them back a couple of days later and they were able to get the doors all fixed. Will use them again in needed.

Thank you so much for giving us your business, it's much appreciated here at Legman...

by Morris Dewey on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Repair Stafford

I heard a loud noise last night and i woke up today to go to work, my garage door won't open. I couldn't figure out why it's happening. I went online immediately to find a nearby company and i got to know about Legman Doors & Co. I called them and just by talking on the phone, they told me it must be a broken spring that i have. Right away, i was impressed. They gave me an idea on the pricing over the phone and came out to repair my garage door here in Stafford. Roughly after 30 to 45 mins they were done and i was able to get my car out and now i have a function garage door. Thanks to this garage door repair company in Stafford called Legman...

It was great working with you on this project Morris

by Rex Davids on Legman Doors & Co.
Commercial Garage Door Repair Stafford VA

I live in Lake of the woods and i have an old garage door, looked more like an industrial door and i use it to store my equipment and tools. I use it quit often because i have a big yard and constantly have to be maintained. Just a few days, as i was operating the door, it got stuck and won't open all the way. I've tried many things to get to open but it didn't work. I went to my phone and found many Companies that i called but none of them were able to come out without charging me just to see the door except Legman Door Company. I'm grateful i found them because they saved me some money. What I've discovered is Commercial garage door repair isn't cheap and you have to use a Company like Legman or any other that can come out first to give you a free estimate. I believe i got a great deal with them and my door works great now. Will definitely recommend them to anyone.

Nice meeting with you Rex, thanks again for your business...

by Peter Sedona on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Tremendous service! Definitely they deserve a 5 star. Service is fast and affordable pricing and good warranty. I was waiting on a Company to come out and service my garage door and i was put on the waiting list for a few weeks. I finally got tired and when i called Legman Doors, was surprised that they could come out same day to service my door. Definitely impressed and will use them again for my garage door repair and maintenance next six months.

It was a pleasure working for you Peter. We really appreciate your business.

by Mildred Usang on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Panel Replacement

I have a non-insulated garage door manufactured by Clopay. I've owned my home nearly 8 years and since then, i haven't had any issues with my garage door. Lately, i was having some issues with the door and i noticed the two of the top panels started to split in the middle and it was giving the garage door problems while going up and down. I ignored it for a while but then it got worse. So i called Legman Doors & Co and they came out, recommended the two top garage door panels to be replaced and i gave them the job. Everything got done within 24 hours and i have a great and functioning garage door now.

Thank you for the review Mildred...


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