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Split Loom

Split Loom

Are you looking for split loom and loom tee connectors? Look no further than ElecDirect. We have a vast selection of wiring products for you to choose from.

What is Split Loom Wire Tubing?

Wire split loom tubing protects cables, hoses, and wires. Split loom wire tubing has a slit down its side and makes the tubing easy to install and cuts down on the installation time. Split loom wire tubing comes in: 

  • General Purpose Polyethylene
  • High-Temperature Nylon Wire Split Loom
  • Extra Flexible Polypropylene Wire Split Loom

General Purpose Polyethylene split wire loom tubing is used in bundling applications. The high-temperature nylon split loom works in spots up to 300 degrees. Polyethylene split loom wire is perfect for small spaces with sharp bends. There are several different sizes available for all of your electrical project needs.

What Are Some Common Wiring Hardware Items?

We use electricity for almost everything. You can spot electrical cables everywhere you go.

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Everyday electrical hardware items include:

  • Electrical Switches
  • Electrical Wires and Cables
  • Electrical Tools and Accessories

Why Purchase Your Electrical Supplies from Us?

We carry all of the major brands of wiring essentials and are ready to ship them. Some of the Brands we stock are:

Bayco serves both the automotive and consumer markets with a vast selection of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen work lights.

Heyco has several decades designing and manufacturing molding wire protection devices and stamped electrical components.

Penn-Union Corp. Since 1928 Penn-Union has been the leader in producing aluminum and copper connectors. Their ISO factory is the choice of many OEM’s, contractors and industrial companies.

Remke: We carry a complete line of electrical cord connectors by Remke. They are your go-to for wire management and watertight conduit hubs. They offer more sizes than other companies.

SapiSelco is a plastic molding specialist and sells metal tooth cable ties. These cable ties are the choice of contractors everywhere.

Scame is a European manufacturer of high impact nylon connectors.

Techspan Industries Inc. Techspan has been supplying quality electrical connectors and control products to the North American Market. Their products are excellent in quality and grade. They meet all of the standards, UL, CSA, CE, plus they also meet Military Specifications.

What Products Do We Offer?

We have several different categories of items: Battery Connectors, work lights, cable ties, clamps conduit and conduit connectors, contactors-IEC, control transformers, cord grips, molded connectors, DIN terminal blocks, circuit breakers, fuse holders, Heat shrink, locking plugs and connectors, lugs and splices, mesh grips, Multi-pole connectors, power distribution blocks, push button switches, solar products, split bolt and grounding connectors, terminals, tools, and wire.

Solar installations are on the rise and we carry several solar products. We offer Helio-Link solar connectors for photovoltaic and thermal electric plants. By using these UL plug-and-play connectors you can reduce the installation cost for solar modules. Plus, they save you time during installation.

These are specifically designed with solar panels in mind. You can have a choice between aluminum lug or tin-plated copper with stainless steel screw sets. Check out our solar products today at ElecDirect.

Split Loom
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