Stafford VA Garage Door Repair

Do you need affordable garage door repair and service in Stafford Virginia? Garage Door Repair Stafford VAWe’re the cities most reliable garage door company. We have many years of experience with all kinds of garage door repair, from broken springs, panel replacements and more. Legman Doors & Co. focuses on securing your garage door with struts and brackets. Our goal is to ensure that your home is really secure from the garage door entrance. You don’t need to hesitate today about repairing your garage door, simply contact our office in Stafford VA. Legman Doors will send our best Garage Door Repair Stafford VA sales and service specialists to access your garage door.

There are so many issues that may come up when dealing with your garage door. You many need to replace some garage door parts or perform a routine garage door maintenance. Legman Doors & Co will send a technician for a service call to have your garage door checked out.

Most residential garage door manufacturers we work with are Clopay, Linear, Amarr, Stanley, Wayne Dalton, Overhead Door Company…..

Stafford VA New Garage Door Installation

Need a new garage door installed today in Stafford Virginia? We purchase Garage Door Installation Stafford VAand install all kinds of garage doors from different manufacturers in state. Our garage door installation prices in Stafford VA are the best in the industry. We don’t charge you any taxes and we also don’t charge you to haul off your old garage door. Legman Doors is giving $75 discount today with purchase of new garage door.

We also are able to match our competitors garage door prices. If you happen to get a cheaper price than ours, send us the competitors quote with their logo on it. Our managers will definitely be able to match that price or even give you something lesser. We’re a reliable company that you’ll definitely love to work with here because we’re a local company. Our service areas are all the cities within 45miles of Stafford, Virginia. Call our Stafford VA Garage Door Repair & Installation today to see how much we can help you save.

Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation Stafford VA

Your garage door openers are the operators or motors & Garage Door Repair Staffordthey help move your garage door up and down the garage door tracks with the help of the springs and rollers. There are a few problems that you may encounter with your garage door opener. They’re outlined below:

1) You may encounter a stripped gear whereby the gears no longer make contact. You’ll notice the motor running when you press the remote but the garage door doesn’t move. This stripped gear is usually one of the major issues most homeowners encounter with their garage door openers. In this case, you might not need to replace your opener, unless it’s really old and i mean if it’s older that 7 years or if it’s having other issues like electrical & wiring. An investment less that $200 can get your opener running again with a brand new gear.

2) Another issue we’ve seen a lot is when the circuit board heats up & current surge blows the motor. In most cases, it’s easier to replace the garage door opener than to replace the circuit board.

3) The third issue that comes up is when the sensors at the bottom of the garage door are not aligned. This causes the garage door opener light to continuously blink when you press the remote and the door won’t close.

Legman garage door repair Stafford VA company specializes in fixing any garage door opener issue you encounter. We can install any garage door opener of your choice at a very affordable cost to you. Few of the best garage door opener manufacturers are Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, …  

Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement Stafford VA

Most garage door springs break within 5 to 10 years depending on the Stafford Garage Door Repaircycles. It’s important to be informed about the kind of springs installed on your garage door. The best springs should have 15,000 to 20,000 cycles so you can anticipate when it should break. Although you can’t quite get an exact time when your spring will break, but you can be prepared for it.

It’s good practice to always have a quarterly maintenance schedule for the garage door. Give Legman a call to lubricate the entire garage door and adjust it’s springs for best performance. This will also help your garage door to last at least a year or two longer that it should.

Garage Door Springs come in different sizes and different makes. The galvanized torsion springs go outside long torsion shaft and they’re long lasting springs because of their rust resistant nature. The other type of torsion spring is the oil tempered springs and they’re great for heavy duty commercial garage doors.

Smaller garage door sizes like the 8’X7′ or the 9’X7′ garage doors usually use the extension spring systems. These springs run across the side of the garage door and have built-in safety cable mechanisms to help protect homeowners.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Stafford VA

Commercial garage doors especially here in Stafford VA come in different Commercial Garage Door Repair Stafford VAmakes and models. You’ll usually find the rolling steel garage doors, roll up doors or shutter doors in our warehouses or commercial properties. Most commercial garage doors have long lasting springs with cycles that may last 25 to 30 years before replacement. However, other parts of the commercial door still need maintenance like the rollers, pulleys, cable drums & hinges. These are all moving parts of the commercial door and needs proper care & maintenance. Contact Legman garage door repair Stafford VA company today if your industrial or commercial garage door needs maintenance or care.


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 12 reviews
by Chris McBride on Legman Doors & Co.
Broken garage door spring replacement

I called Legman Doors & Co. to fix a broken spring on my garage door, i emailed initially at 11pm and they responded back same night, that was amazing to me. I finally called in the morning and was able to get same day appointment. That was great and service was also very professional. Highly recommend..

Thank you Chris, it was great working with you..

by Jennifer Larson on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage door installation in Stafford VA

Needed a new garage door installed in my home because my doors are really old, i called Legman Doors and they sent out their technician to look at my doors, i got a few more quotes by i chose to work with them because they were personable and friendly. The installation went great and i didn't have any issues. Will definitely recommend them.

Thanks for the Review Jennifer, don't forget you have 5 years warranty on your door, so let us know if you ever have any issues...

by Jude Akpan on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage door repair

Great service, on time and reasonable price

Nice working with you.

by Larry Colbert on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Maintenance

Legman Doors performed a tune up on my garage door, the technician Ben was very helpful and gave good tips on how to keep my door working at its utmost performance. Very happy with the service, will use them again if need be

Thanks Larry, glad we could help...

by Mary Ellen on Legman Doors & Co.
Commercial Door Repair Stafford VA

I called up Legman Doors & Co, because our warehouse door won't close and we can't leave it open all night. It was already past 5pm when i called. I was just hoping that someone will be able to answer and maybe give us instruction on how to get it secured for the night. To my surprise, Legman guys were able to come out same evening, they got the door down and secure for the night and came back next day to complete the Commercial door repair. Outstanding service. Will definitely continue using them...

Very glad we could be of service. Don't hesitate to call us anytime you need us. Thanks again....

by Rex Davids on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage door opener repair

Awesome service. Technicians were on time and the price was reasonable..,

by Charlie Devrow on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Doors Stafford VA

One of my garage door panels was bowing in the middle, making my door to crack and bow in as it opens. I was afraid it might fall and damage my car so i called Legman Garage Doors Of Stafford VA & they came out to look at it. They weren't the first once i called, everyone told my to replace the entire door but i really didn't have the money to do that. When Legman came, they recommended securing the section a heavy duty, commercial grade strut to protect the section from caving in. They got everything done for less than $150 and my door was working pretty well. I'm very excited and that's why i decided to leave this review...

by Ralph Rosello on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Roller Replacement

My garage door tune up and roller replacement went as expected. They delivered what they promised and i got the web discount for garage door repair.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity...

by Lisa Wedekind on Legman Doors & Co.
Broken Spring Replacement

My garage door spring broke after two years of replacing it so i didn't want to use same old company. I called up Legman Doors and they came out, gave me a good estimated lower than what i paid for the springs over two years ago. They also gave me 5 years warranty, it couldn't get any better than that. Well am happy for now and will use again...

Thank you Lisa for giving us the opportunity to work with you...

by Danielle MPoark on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Parts Replacement

My garage door is old and was thinking about getting it replaced, I called Legman garage door repair in Stafford VA and they came out to do the estimate. I got several estimates but i ended up using them because i felt they were honest. They recommended replacing different garage door parts that were aging and causing problems. I bought into the idea because it was cheaper, will see how long it will last. Overall it was a great experience...

Thanks Danielle. Overall, the door should last much longer, just do a tune every three to four months for best results.

by Loretta Abudul on Legman Doors & Co.
Stafford VA Garage Door Repair

Quality and professional garage door repair service at a very affordable price. Am very happy with their service. I will recommend them 100%

by Ashley Reynold on Legman Doors & Co.
Garage Door Repair Stafford VA

I live in Texas, I owe two home in Stafford VA. I have used Garage Door Repair Stafford VA couple of times for my homes and i must say they do a very very good job and they can be trusted to keep their word. Great job guys